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Local Raleigh movers report dog lovers in Raleigh have a big reason to celebrate: The Millbrook Exchange Dog Park will soon undergo a $30,000 makeover.

From September until November, the dog food company Beneful hosted a competition inspiring enthusiasm around our favorite furry friends. The competition asked dog owners nationwide to post a picture of their dog with the hashtag of their city name, along with the hashtag #BenefulDogPark. Each photo posted counted as a vote for your own city, and participants could vote once a day. Beneful has been hosting this competition for six years now, and has provided 20 dog parks with major makeovers.

Out of seven parks in the running, including those rallying for their dogs in Atlanta, Dallas, Milwaukee, Kansas City, and Oklahoma City, Beneful chose Millbrook Exchange Dog Park in Raleigh as the winner. The city will be awarded $30,000 to dedicate toward the happiness of the community’s canines.

Local Raleigh movers say this city prides itself on being a strong dog park community. The Millbrook Dog Park is in North Raleigh, off of Spring Forest Road. It has been open since 2003, and was the first place in Raleigh where dogs could roam off leash. Raleigh currently has three parks that cater to dogs, and the city plans to open two more.

In addition to the donation, the park will be provided with $5,000 of dog park equipment and interactive volunteer support from the Beneful Dream Dog Park Team. The money will go toward upgrades such as shade trees, benches for pet owners, and agility equipment.

If All My Sons Moving company recently helped you move into your new home, you are just in time for the holidays. Moving in December gives you the perfect opportunity to throw a combination housewarming and holiday party.

Preparation is easy: just put up a few simple decorations around the house, string some lights around the tree, invite your friends and neighbors over, and mix up some simple holiday drink recipes.

Try these easy holiday drink recipes, courtesy of your Raleigh moving company:

Cranberry Mule

  • For a festive-take on the traditional Moscow mule, combine 12 oz. of fresh cranberries with simple syrup and granulated sugar to create sugared cranberries, then refrigerate
  • Mix handful of cranberries in copper mug with 3 oz. ginger beer, 1 ½ oz. spice rum and 1 oz. simple syrup over ice


Coffee Cube Cocktail

  • Freeze coffee into ice cubes in an ice tray
  • Combine with a cup of a baileys and vanilla vodka mixture


Apple Cider Mimosas

  • Ingredients: Apple cider, champagne, apple slices, and gold and silver sprinkles for garnish
  • Dip the rim of each champagne glass in a combination of gold and silver sprinkles
  • Fill each champagne glass ¾ of the way with apple cider
  • Top with cold champagne
  • Garnish with apple slice


Winter Sangria

  • Combine a bottle of sweet red wine and ½ a bottle of cran-apple cider
  • Mix with slices of clementine, diced granny smith apples, and ½ cup pomegranate arils
  • Add 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • Garnish with 1 rosemary sprig


Enjoy the season with these easy holiday drink recipes from your Raleigh moving company!

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. This is the day that Americans all over the nation crowd into shopping malls and department stores to get the best deals of the year. After moving to Raleigh, you may be wondering where the best places to go Black Friday shopping are and how to go about having a successful Black Friday shopping experience in your new city. Here are some strategies to Black Friday shopping after moving to Raleigh.

1.Plan ahead. If you are going to tackle Black Friday shopping correctly, you are going to have to plan ahead! Use the two weeks before Thanksgiving to check out the local ads and see what sales appeal to you the most. If you go to stores without knowing what you are looking for, you run the risk of sitting in line only to realize you missed the best sale item in the store.

2. Consider gifts for loved ones and write them down. Make sure you know what you want and for who, before you head out to shop. The crowds will be thick. This will help you to get in and out, and on to the next one!

3. Decide if your entire family would like to go Black Friday shopping after moving to Raleigh. The Thanksgiving holiday is all about spending time and being thankful for your family. If you are planning on buying for your loved ones on Black Friday, plan to get to the mall early so you can spend enough quality time with them afterwards, or allow them to come with you to pick out their own items.

4. Remember to shop online. On Black Friday, most of the same deals are available online, throughout the weekend, and on Cyber Monday. Make sure to utilize Black Friday shopping online in order to save on time and stress this holiday season.

A cornucopia is a staple of Thanksgiving everywhere. Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving this year or are just looking to decorate your home, take these cornucopia decorations into consideration. Adding a fun flare to something traditional is something that All My Sons Raleigh believes should be embraced, especially after moving. Moving gives you a fresh start to take your decorating to the next level.

-Traditionally, cornucopia decorations were filled with festive harvest vegetables. Squash, corn, pumpkins and carrots are all items you would typically find. If you want to take the traditional route, you can always add in some elements that embrace your loved ones. If you are a family filled with football fans, consider a little emblem of your favorite team that is playing on Thanksgiving.

-Add flowers to your cornucopia. Replace a vase with a cornucopia and fill it with festive fall flowers. This makes for a beautiful centerpiece on your table or counter top. Different colored sunflowers or an array of flowers with fall colors will benefit the Thanksgiving vibe of your home nicely.

-Use your cornucopia as gifts. You can fill it with little party favors from your Thanksgiving dinner. If you like to surprise your children put a toy or some treats in a cornucopia. All My Sons Raleigh suggests trying to think of something that embraces the thought of giving thanks.

-Something edible! If you are using you cornucopia decorations as a center piece, consider placing something edible inside. You can decorate the actual cornucopia with festive ribbon and put dinner rolls inside. This way your centerpiece offers something to look at, while saving some table space. A cornucopia is also a fun item to pass around the table.

The North Carolina State Fair is a big deal to locals! Residents go all out for this event and they do not come up short. If you are new to Raleigh, you will be blown away by one of the best state fairs you have ever been to. Raleigh local movers state that this is an event you will not want to miss!

The fair is the best way to embrace your new local status. Come with family and friends, or you can meet new ones. The family-friendly environment is the perfect setting to mingle and connect with locals. The fair will take place on October 13, and last until October 23.

The food you will find is no joke at the North Carolina State Fair. From cheeseburger eggrolls, chicken and waffle kabobs, a country boil and corn arepas, your palate will definitely be satisfied! An array of crowd pleasing desserts will not be lacking either. Deep fried Jell-O, funnel cakes, cupcakes, and more are all desserts you can indulge in!

Rides for the whole family will be at the fair to keep the thrill seekers happy. You can purchase ride packages to save money at the North Carolina State Fair. There will be flower and garden shows, fresh garden greens, local wines, craft beers, and so much more.

Partake in some of the awesome contests and competitions the fair has to offer. There is something for everyone! For the crafters and growers, there are contests for cakes, flowers, honey, art, coffee, and so much more. For the rancher, check out the available livestock competitions. There will be various horse shows throughout the fair, including everything from miniature horses to a draft horse pull.

Raleigh local movers suggests that this is the best event to get all of the culture North Carolina has to offer. Go for one day, or many days, and enjoy all the different vendors and music. The homegrown music festival will be going on at this time, offering some of the best local music around at the North Carolina State Fair.

This year’s 2nd Annual NC Wine Festival is being held at North Hills in Raleigh, North Carolina! This event is great way to get to know locals in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina. Taking place on October 29, mark your calendars and get ready for the best wine tasting in Raleigh!

Close to 30 different wineries from across North Carolina will be present at the event. There will be three different bands to keep you entertained all throughout the day. Raleigh local movers suggests that getting to know local artists and crafters will leave you with a greater feel for the roots of your city. Peruse the artist scene while wine tasting in Raleigh at this event. There will be various local artists and crafters present.

You should take into consideration if a general admission or a VIP ticket is more appropriate to suit your needs. All tickets will get you unlimited wine tasting in Raleigh and a keepsake tester wine glass. If you purchase a VIP ticket, you will have access to reserved areas. Exquisite food pairings are also included in your VIP ticket.

This event is being put on by the Raleigh Jaycees, a group of young business professionals dedicated to giving back to the community through business and leadership. This group was founded in 1932, and has been helping the community ever since. Teaming up with The Foundation of Hope, this event is the perfect way to give back. The Foundation of Hope is dedicated to raising money and awareness for the treatment of mental illness. A portion of all the money made at this event will benefit the foundation. Consider making a donation to the excellent cause! Your Raleigh local movers believe giving back to your community will leave you with a sense of fulfillment. What better way to give back and celebrate your move than with some wine tasting in Raleigh? See you there!

Raleigh is one of the best cities for coffee lovers! Sit outside and enjoy the fall season while sipping on a specialty coffee at one of your Raleigh local movers favorite spots. Meet up with friends or even make new ones, as these coffee shops in Raleigh provide a welcoming environment to mingle.

The Third Place. The Third Place is at the top of our list as one of the best coffee shops in Raleigh. The warm atmosphere creates a perfect environment to study, meet with friends, or spend some time solo with a good book. The baristas are informative, so you can talk to one of them about what coffee you should order and they will gladly help. Offering specialty beverages like vanilla lavender lattes or pumpkin pie spiced coffees, this coffee shop will not let you down.

Brew Coffee Bar. This coffee bar is proud to announce that they rotate local brews on tap for their guests to try. Offering this type of variety gives this coffee bar an edge. Emphasizing the seasons, head to this cozy coffee bar for a brown sugar maple cortado or a honey cinnamon latte!

Jubala Village Coffee. The next on our list of the best coffee shops in Raleigh is the Jubala Village Coffee Shop. This shop offers roasts from all around the world. Topping off their coffee with amazing latte art, your coffee looks just as great as it tastes!

The Morning Times. The natural light in The Morning Times provides the best local Raleigh spot to get some work done. A phenomenal brunch menu, vegetarian, and vegan options will ensure that there is something for everyone to love here!

Raleigh local movers know their coffee! Get familiar with Raleigh and the coffee scene. Try a different one of our best coffee shops in Raleigh and pick a favorite.

One of the things to look forward to after a move towards the end of the year is being able to throw a fall themed housewarming party! The fall in Raleigh is the perfect time to host. Have your friends and family over and show off your new residence. Adding a fall flare to go with the season is just the thing to embrace after moving to Raleigh. Follow these tips to have the best possible fall themed housewarming party in fall.

The most important decoration of all – pumpkins! Using them as bowls is something unconventional that will have your guests impressed. Cutting the top half of a pumpkin off and hallowing it out will give you the perfect bowl to hold some serve-yourself beverage bottles.

f your party is outside, consider getting some hay bales for extra seating. You can buy hay bales for less than $10 at most places. Cover the bales with plaid or other fall inspired sheets and blankets for the perfect touch to your fall themed housewarming party.

Bring the fall into your food and beverages. Champagne, apple cider, and a splash of cinnamon whiskey will create the perfect apple cider sangria for your fall themed housewarming party. Creating dishes with sweet potato, bacon, pecans and other fall inspired foods are a must! For dessert, you can create a pumpkin dip. Pumpkin puree, vanilla pudding, whip cream, and cinnamon will please your guests! Serve with graham crackers.

Decorate with fall leaves, acorns, and pinecones at your party. Go outside and see if you can collect some of these earthy items. You can avoid spending money on decorating this way. After moving to Raleigh, you will see that the fall is the perfect time to throw your housewarming party!

The Cary movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to provide you with expert advice on how to paint the interior of your new Cary home like a professional. We know you will want to give your home a look that is specifically for you. If you follow these basic steps, you will have yourself a beautiful, fresh painted interior in no time. You can learn how to prime the walls, use a roller, cover the hard-to-reach spots, and paint the wood work in no time.

1. Priming.

Unless the existing finish is flat, you will need to apply a primer coat to make the new paint layer adheres. Priming does not require as much attention to detail as the painting process.

2. Ceilings.

When you start painting your new Cary home, we recommend starting with the ceiling. Begin with the perimeter and unpainted areas around the fixtures.

3. Rolling on the paint.

You will want to begin rolling paint on the ceiling in sections approximately six square feet. Use series of overlapping strokes in the shape of a W, from right to left. Then come back from left to right. Repeat the same steps with the walls, covering within one to one and a half inches of the edges.

4. Brushwork on the wall.

Make sure to mask the perimeter with masking tape before you begin using the brush to paint the edges. Paint the upper perimeters of the walls of your new Cary home, as well as all the areas that cannot be covered with a roller.

5. Second coats.

If the ceilings and walls need a second coat, All My Sons suggests waiting until the first coat of paint dries.

6. Trim, baseboards, doors and windows.

Allow the paint to dry on the walls of your new Cary home before painting anything else. After applying painters tape to protect the newly painted wall surfaces or flooring, you can begin painting the doors of your new Cary home. Wedge the doors open with a rolled up newspaper, and always use a drop cloth. Flat surfaces can use a roller, but panel doors require a brush. Use the same techniques for baseboards and trims.

To make the move to Raleigh hassle-free, it is all about remembering the details and dealing with the utilities well in advance of moving day to help ensure everyone’s peace of mind. Nobody wants to move across town only to find their new Raleigh home does not have a working lights or running AC. When you transfer utilities and disconnect services in one home to resume them in your new Raleigh home, your professional Raleigh movers have a few practices you should follow to make the transition smoother. While electric, phone, and cable companies all have their own time frame for disconnection and connection notification, we suggest contacting their customer service team a few weeks before the move to Raleigh. Arrange to have those utilities up and running in your new Raleigh home at least a day before you move in. Raleigh movers also suggest keeping these points in mind:

- Final reading.

Have all of your utility companies perform a final reading of the gas, electric, and water meters. Make sure you receive and keep a copy of the report.

- Forward your address.

Before you move to your new Raleigh home, supply the companies with a forwarding address where they can send your final invoices. If not, you may be surprised down the road with unnecessary late fees.

- Pay the bills and get your refunds.

Pay any outstanding bills, but also collect all refunds or deposits that are owed to you. Many people forget that they have deposits or a substantial chunk of change from months or years before.

- Have important numbers and addresses handy.

When you move to Raleigh, make sure you keep the phone numbers of any previous utility companies handy, just in case you need to get in contact with them.