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Employee relocation can be stressful and tricky for employees as well as employers. This process can feel rushed with a strict moving timeline. However, with the help of a professional packing service, your transition can seem smooth and stress-free. Having the proper packing supplies for a job relocation will ensure that you can get right back to work in no time. Learn how to properly pack your work items before your move below.

Just like any other move, it’s essential that you plan ahead for what packing supplies you will need to complete the move. If you are given your employee relocation with little notice, we want to provide you with the proper supplies you will need to get the job done quick. You will need to purchase all different sized boxes to accommodate your different household items as well as your office items and various electronics you will be taking. Gather packaging tape, scissors, labels, and bubble wrap before you begin to pack. Add extra wrapping paper to your more fragile items and make sure you individually pack them in their respective boxes.

With limited time, a professional corporate relocation company can get employee’s belongings packed, loaded, and delivered on time with maximum care. However, if you wish to make the move yourself, it’s important you dedicate all your time to properly packing your items to prevent any future damages.

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When it comes time to packing up your room, you may be dreading the moment you must go through your cluttered closet. No matter the amount of clothes you own, it’s important to stay organized during the packing process. To help you complete this process in an efficient manner, our South Raleigh packing company has the perfect moving guide for the best way to pack a closet.

Organization is Key

We suggest that you start by taking everyone out of your closet and setting aside all your clothes and items in the hallway or on your bed. Go through your clothes and create two separate piles. The first pile is the clothes you will be keeping and the second pile will be the clothes you wish to discard or donate.

Now that you have sorted out your clothes, it’s time to pack up the remaining wardrobe items you wish to keep. Wardrobe boxes work great for transferring all your clothes and they are easy to use. These specialty boxes will help make your move quick and efficient. Moving tip: If you don’t want to purchase wardrobe boxes, garbage bags work miracles for packing your clothes. You can leave all clothes on the hangers and slip the garbage bag right over the clothes making a hole at the top for the hangers to poke through.

If you had extra items in your closet, store them in a separate box with the proper label on it. The best way to pack a closet requires preparation and organization and our South Raleigh packing company is here to help guide you through the packing process!


Moving for anyone can be extremely stressful, but moving with pets can be even harder. All pet parents can agree that their pets are a part of the family and it’s just as important to prepare them for a move as it is their children. It can be a lot harder for pets to adjust to a new environment than humans, so you want to make sure they feel comfortable during the moving process. Having the proper packing products for pets is crucial to a successful moving transition and our South Raleigh Movers shares with you the best packing supplies to consider.


You should purchase regular cardboard boxes to store your pet’s belongings and essentials in during the move. Make note of how large your pet food is because this can take up a lot of space. You should also purchase common supplies such as packaging tape, labels, and bubble wrap for the more fragile items. You may need a specialty box to store and protect a large dog crate. We recommend that you set aside an essentials box that include your pet’s favorite toys, enough food for a week, a bed, and medications for when you first arrive to your new home. It’s important to get your animals situated with their familiar toys in an unfamiliar setting.

It’s important to remember to update your pet’s microchip with your new address. A new environment can intimidate your pets and in the event of an emergency, someone can properly locate your animal and return him or her home safely. Moving with pets can be overwhelming, however preparation is key!


If you are in the process of packing up your home to get ready for a big move, you can probably agree that it is a stressful time in your household not only for you, but for your children as well. The process seems never ending with having to pack all your items up the proper way. While there is a lot of work to be done, packing can also be fun when the whole family is involved, and your Raleigh Movers give you these tips on how the family can contribute and make packing a fun experience.

Include your children

Children love to contribute and feel like they are making a difference during the moving process. You can put your kids to work by having them help build the boxes that you will be using for all your items. This will of course lessen your workload and make your children feel valuable. You can turn building boxes into a friendly competition with your children to see who can build the most boxes. In the end, you will appreciate the outcome with lots of boxes built!

Delegate Responsibility

You can put your children in control of packing up their own rooms in terms of their clothes and other personal belongings. Have your kids embellish their cardboard boxes with personalized messages and other creative drawings so they know which boxes they will be responsible for during the unpacking process. Your children will have a blast expressing their creativity and you as the parent can start to tackle other rooms in the house.

Make a packing Playlist

Create a specific packing playlist that will keep the whole family motivated and enthusiastic during the process. An up-beat playlist can change the whole vibe in the house and foster productivity at the same time. Hopefully these tips from our Raleigh Movers help you make your next packing experience as fun as possible with the whole family!



When it comes to moving, you must have the proper packing supplies to ensure a successful move. Once you know the number and the type of the belongings you are taking with you, you will be able to better assess the required packing materials that you should purchase. Our Raleigh movers share with you the 5 most common packing supplies we use every day to provide the best packing and moving experience possible.

Moving Boxes

Of course, no move is possible without boxes of multiple sizes. This is the most common packing supply needed for a move, and our Raleigh movers will use specialty boxes that are specifically designed for added protection to unique items.

Packaging Tape

How else will you secure your boxes shut without packaging tape? We suggest you look for a durable tape option when searching for supplies so that your boxes will stay safe in any condition. You will need plenty of heavy-duty tape, so you must stock up.

Wrapping Paper

Our Raleigh movers use plain wrapping paper to keep items well-cushioned and free from ink stains. We suggest you stay away from wrapping items in newspaper since it’s likely for the ink to transfer. Make sure you always have your belongings wrapped in either paper or bubble wrap for protection.

Sharpies and Labels

These packing supplies go hand in hand and you should always label each box with a permanent marker for easy access and recall.

Furniture Covers

We suggest you properly cover your furniture during the move to prevent dust and moisture from creeping in. Mattress bags and sofa covers are popular packing supplies that shouldn’t go unnoticed when moving to Raleigh.








When it comes to moving to South Raleigh, our professional residential packing services at All My Sons Moving & Storage are designed to tackle your every moving requirement. Our residential movers are highly trained moving professionals with a skillset for providing families with an affordable packing and moving experience. We take care of the entire packing process so your move can be a breeze and stress-free! We keep it simple to make sure you save money during the process while guaranteeing high-quality care. Here are the Raleigh packing services that we offer for any residential move.

Packing Services

We offer a full-service moving package that takes care of the entire packing process. If you don’t wish to pack a single item, we will handle it all! Our movers will pack not only your furniture, but your clothing from your closet as well. We suggest that you get rid of any items you plan on throwing away before we start the packing process to eliminate more work for you once you are moved in. Our Raleigh packing services also come with the proper packing supplies needed to get the job done.

Unpacking Services

We are dedicated to go the extra mile for our customers and that is why we offer unpacking services immediately after the move. This includes reassembling any furniture that was taken apart at the beginning of the process. We will place each item for you in your new home and even hang your drapes. We try to minimize the amount of work for you with unpacking and we are here to assist you in whatever you may need.

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Packing a bedroom can be tiring and stressful because you want to make sure your personal items are handled with the proper care. However, there are ways in which you can efficiently go through your room and pack your belongings within a reasonable timeframe. Like any room in your house, you want to focus on preparation and organization throughout the entire process. Our Raleigh Movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have provided this guide on the 3 things you shouldn’t forget when it comes time to pack your bedroom.

Clean and Throw away Items

Before you even begin packing your bedroom, you want to make sure you thoroughly clean your room. This will allow you to throw away unnecessary items or clutter that will only get in the way when it comes time to box your items. This is also the perfect opportunity to clean out your closet and decide which clothes you want to keep and move to your new home.

Designate an essentials suitcase

You will most likely be packing your bedroom items in boxes, however it’s important to set aside a suitcase filled with essential items that are needed immediately following the move. These items include toiletries, small electronics, and a few outfits. Keep this small suitcase close to you during the move and you should pack this bag in advance.

Use Wardrobe Boxes

There is some delicate clothing that you won’t want to fold up and store away in a box. Wardrobe boxes are the perfect alternative in that you can leave these clothes on the hanger during the move. They also help with the organization of your clothes when it comes time to packing your room.

When it comes time to pack up your home office, you must stay extremely organized throughout the process for an efficient moving experience. Your home office stores a lot of important information that must be transferred safely to your next home. With the help of our moving company in Raleigh, NC, you can successfully pack a home office by following these steps.

Step 1: Plan and Prioritize

The first step to packing up any room in your house would be to plan. Create a checklist for all the important items in your home office that you will be transferring to your new home. You should also create a separate list with the items you know you won’t need and can throw away. You can de-clutter your file cabinets to aid in this process and make sure to shred all personal documents. Organization is key during this stage.

Step 2: Backup your Files

This is a crucial step in the moving process that you want to make sure you complete. You should always backup all work files and documents prior to moving day. You can store these files on an external hard drive so you can have peace of mind that they will stay safe.

Step 3: Pack Equipment and Furniture

You should find the appropriate-sized boxes that will sufficiently fit your office equipment. If possible, pack your electronic items in their original boxes for the best fit and protection. Don’t forget to use bubble wrap for your fragile furniture items.

By following these three steps, you can successfully pack a home office with no stress. 



A classic-dog owners dream is their dog or dogs happily playing and running through the backyard. At All My Sons, we know how important your four-legged family members are. With that in mind, our movers in Raleigh NC, want to give you some backyard activities for dogs. There are many pet-friendly amenities that you can install for your dog, to give her the backyard he or she loves and needs.

Keep the water flowing. It’s important to have fresh and plenty of water available for your dogs during the summer. A splash fountain or a pond or pool is the most ideal, and you can enjoy them too!

Set up a place for play. An unexercised or bored dog will look for trouble, while a tired dog is a good dog. Give your dog space in your backyard to run and chase.

If you have the space and landscaping for it, add some paths! Dogs love to prowl, so paths to explore are so much fun for them.

Our movers in Raleigh, NC recommend adding extra features for your dog. If you have a friendly, curious dog, you should add a dog window in a fence or gate for watching the outside world.

While this isn’t one of the most exciting backyard activities for dogs, a designated sitting spot or large, flat rock might do the trick for your dog if they prefer to sit and survey his or her territory.

Moving parents to a senior living facility sometimes isn’t as easy as we’d like it to be. There’s a lot that goes into making the new environment feel like home, and the moving professionals in Raleigh at All My Sons Moving & Storage want it to be a seamless process.

Establishing a familiar environment for your parents is important for nostalgia purposes. While you might want to pack everything that is sentimental to them, you must keep in mind that your parents will most likely be moving to a much smaller location. In order to recreate their living space, do your best to choose beloved pictures, décor and books that mean a lot to them. You know your loved ones better than anyone else, so it’s important to identify what’s truly important to them and pack those items.

Once you decide what you are going to pack for your parents, you should make sure that you have appropriate packing supplies. Most memorable or valuable things are fragile, so you want to make sure you are packing everything securely. The easiest things to make for a familiar environment are: pictures and keepsakes. It’s important to properly pack fragile items with packing paper and bubble wrap. Once you wrap everything up securely, you should put their belongings in cardboard boxes and ensure that any empty space is filled with packing paper. You don’t want anything moving around and run the risk of damaging any of their belongings.