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Packing can be stressful. Getting all your belongings from your current home transitioned to your new home takes a lot of time and effort. You may also have items in an old garage or storage shed that need to be left in one of our climate controlled storage units in Raleigh. Packing for a storage unit requires diligent planning and preparation. Our Raleigh movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to help with three easy steps to packing for your storage unit.

  1. Make a list of all your items.

First, it’s important to know exactly what you are packing. Make a detailed list of all the items that you are taking from your storage shed and putting into one of our storage units in Raleigh. This will help you later to remember what items are in storage and what aren’t.

  1. Label all your boxes.

Whether or not you utilize our customizable packing services, you want to make sure you label all your boxes on multiple sides, so you can easily identify where your items are stored. Take that list you made and write next to each item the name of the box that it is in. When you go back to your storage unit later to retrieve a specific item, you’ll know exactly where to look to save you time.

  1. Use Covers and tape to protect your items

If you are storing furniture or other specialty items, you’ll want to make sure you have covers for them. Place an old sheet on the floor of your storage unit before you move in your items. Then place your furniture (with the covers) on top. Your moving boxes should have some extra tape on the bottoms for those that are touching the ground to protect from any unexpected moisture seeping in.



Moving related injuries are hard to avoid. You could hurt your back lifting a dresser or mattress out of the house and into a truck. You could trip over a box on the floor and hurt your ankle or leg. You could strain your muscle lifting too many heavy boxes at once. Trust us, your doctor wants you to hire professional Raleigh movers for your next relocation.

There are many ways to avoid moving injuries. Move slow, don’t run, and take your time when you are lifting heavy items. Don’t try to carry items that are too heavy for you, don’t carry more than one box at a time and don’t carry items on your shoulders or your head. When you lift heavy items, bend at the knees and keep your back straight. Make sure your home is free of tripping or slipping hazards before you start moving out. You can also wear moving gloves with grips to help maintain hold of items. Does your head hurt yet? Avoiding moving related injuries on your own is a nightmare.

If there is bad weather, there is another wrinkle to your moving day. Now you need to make sure you don’t slip outside when carrying those items from the house to the truck. All in all, you are going to be stressed out about avoiding injuries, taking extra time that you need for other aspects of your move and your life to spend on moving slowly.

Don’t spend your first days in your new home in a cast or in bed. Hire professional Raleigh movers to help with packing, unpacking, disassembly and reassembly services and focus on the more important (and safer) aspects of moving.



When you relocate for work, there is a negotiation process that goes into getting everything squared away. Your employer wants to make sure you are moved as efficiently and quickly as possible, so you can get started right away in your new role. But what your new boss may not tell you is that there are several moving services that our corporate relocation movers offers that can help make your life easier.

Some moving companies like All My Sons Moving & Storage offer customizable services such as auto shipping, packing services, unpacking services and more to make your move as smooth as possible. Make sure you ask your employer what their budget is for relocation. Many employers will pay for these services if you ask for them.

If you receive a lumpsum budget, our team can work with you to ensure that you have a moving plan that meets your needs and stays in that budget. We can also work with whatever timeline works best for you and your family.

Do you have specialty items or vehicles that need to come with you to your new destination? We can help with that too. Our moving coordinator will work with you to create the best moving plan to fit the needs of you and your family. You can send that plan to your boss and let them know that these are the services you’ll need covered. Don’t let your employer dictate your moving plan- at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we can work with your specific needs to ensure a successful corporate relocation process.



Imagine this: you are moving across the country and have hired what you thought was one of the reputable moving companies in Raleigh to do the job. Once you get to your destination, you call your movers and your stuff isn’t expected to arrive for days. Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months. Now you are stuck in your new home without any of your stuff. You don’t want to buy new stuff because the moving company promises your items are coming, but you can’t sleep on the floor for months! The horror!

Unfortunately moving scams like these are more common than you think. Whether it’s major delays on your stuff, increasing your quote when they arrive at your home, losing boxes of valuables, or just not showing up, all these things make it hard to trust movers with your belongings.

One recent mover recounts how he was given a quote over the phone that he thought was binding, but on moving day, the movers increased his quote by more than 50 percent! He had to pay because there was no time to turn to another option- he needed to move that day. Make sure you get your quotes in person, so the movers can eyeball your items. This will prevent a major increase on moving day. Many moving companies in Raleigh offer binding quotes, meaning once you receive your quote, they can’t increase it unless you add more items.

It’s important to do your research when looking for reputable moving companies in Raleigh. Don’t get caught in a moving scam that wastes your time and money.



Packing artwork or antiques can be complicated and cost you a pretty penny if damages occur. If you’ve collected art or antiques over the years, it’s only natural that you would want to keep them protected when moving to your new home. Packing antiques is not like packing the everyday items in your home. It requires a delicate touch from an experienced hand. That’s why when searching for movers in Raleigh, NC you need to choose the best. All My Son Moving & Storage has over 20 years of experience in the industry, with an expertise in taking care of fragile items such as antiques, art work and other valuables. For anyone who is looking for the right packing supplies for antiques, we offer these tips:

Movers in Raleigh, NC suggest you start by taking an inventory of your antiques, and decide whether you want to invest the time, money, and energy into moving each of them. If you’d rather just hang on to a few special pieces, try donating or selling some items to lighten your moving load.

Determine whether you’re going to pack yourself, or use All My Sons professional packing services. If the former, find out from an expert if any special handling needs to be done for your item in question. The last thing you want to do is mishandle the antique item and permanently damage it. If permitted, be sure to use plenty of the required packing supplies for antiques.

Consider wrapping your antiques in plastic wrap to avoid small dings that come from moving them through a house or onto a truck. Since wood pieces need to breathe to maintain their organic material, try wrapping paper around the wood, then covering it in plastic wrap. We understand how important and sentimental these items are to people, so use our packing technique guide for properly handling and moving art and antiques during your next move.

Wrap your antiques in thick cardboard, and large blankets for added protection. Your movers in Raleigh, NC will ensure each piece if placed gently onto our moving trucks, and moved with the utmost care.

Avoid packing peanuts as padding for artwork. Peanuts are known for breaking off into tightly wedged places and can cause separation between the frame and the artwork. Also, packing peanuts are made from potato byproduct or corn, and when in contact with too much moisture can permanently stick to items in your box.

You want to invest in heavy-duty picture boxes to pack your large artwork in. These work best for ensuring minimal damage once unpacking. You then want to find painters tape or masking tape to mark an “X” over large pieces with glass. This tape technique prevents the glass from shattering when in the box. All My Sons Raleigh recommends applying this quick method to all art that lives behind glass. Normally you would wrap glassware or other valuables in newspaper, however in this case, you don’t want printed ink to transfer onto your art canvas. This could easily happen, so we suggest you find plain brown wrapping paper for all canvases. For extra protection, you can add corner protectors to all artwork and add a layer of foam in the front and back of the piece before you store it in a box. Finally, you want to securely store the properly packed artwork in the picture box carefully.

Make sure you take the time to properly pack each art piece or antique valuable when you begin the moving process. The last thing you want is to open damaged items that could cost a fortune to fix or are even unrepairable.

If you need to pack expensive art that is worth more than it costs you to make the move, hire our Raleigh packing services. We’ll ensure the correct packing supplies for antiques are used to minimize the risk of damaging your items. Taking a chance on packing those items yourself is not worth it when there are professionals who can do it with ease.

For more blogs, tips and information on our movers in Raleigh, NC and packing supplies for antiques, visit our movers blog. If you have any questions and need to speak with a certified moving professional call us today.

The professional packers at All My Sons Moving & Storage in Raleigh have many years of experience in the industry. With time, practice becomes perfect and our Raleigh packing company has created a guide to packing light when you move to our city.

  1. De-Clutter

Our team of professional packers suggest that one of the easiest ways to lighten your load when moving to Raleigh is to de-clutter. Over time, clutter somehow accumulates and soon, you don’t even know where it all came from. The less stuff you have before you start packing, the less you or your Raleigh movers ultimately must pack. If you choose to hire a Raleigh packing company, this will also lower the costs of packing services! After you de-clutter, you can even have a yard sale and make some extra cash or donate items to organizations like the Goodwill or Salvation Army and receive a tax credit.

  1. Vacuum-pack

The easiest way to save space and lighten up your load is by using vacuum storage bags. If you do not want to purchase these space-saving bags you can use your own garbage bags and cut a small hole and vacuum the air out yourself. These are the perfect solution to packing light because you can eliminate some of the bulkiest items with these bags. All your clothing, bed linens and pillows can be vacuum packed. You will be able to fit multiple bags in one large moving box to save you tons of time and space.

  1. Do Not Overpack

The professional packers at All My Sons Raleigh suggest you do not bring every article of clothing that you own. If you do not wear it now, you are not going to wear it in the future. If you or especially your kids have outgrown clothing, get rid of it. The same goes for stuff around your house. It’s important to think about the space in your new house. If you do not see a use for a certain piece of art or a side table, let it go! Don’t pack it just to pack it, because you’ll end up wasting money on packing and moving costs. Again, include the items in a yard sale or donate to the Goodwill or Salvation Army.

  1. Avoid Hard Luggage or Suitcases

Our team of Raleigh movers want you to avoid packing your stuff in hard luggage or suitcases or even in plastic crates, because these things add so much weight to your load. These packing products also are extremely bulky and do not help when you are trying to maximize space in either the moving truck or your car. The best way to go about packing your belongings is by using sturdy, quality boxes in a variety of sizes.

Your Raleigh packing company may have more tips and ideas for a guide to packing light. Make sure to give us a call at All My Sons Moving & Storage Raleigh to learn more about our customizable packing services and how we can help you pack light for your upcoming move!


Summer is busy season for movers. If you have little ones, teens, or college students, moving during summer is perfect and won’t interrupt their school schedules! Moving your children during the off-season will make for a smoother transition. The weather is warm and sunny, so you are almost guaranteed that your belongings won’t be caught in the rain. It’s also a lot easier to get time off in the summer in most careers. However, all these benefits mean that a lot of people will be moving around the same time that you are! This can lead to a lot of competition for moving companies and high rates.

Yes, moving services rates may be competitive in the summer, but because the rates are a little higher, many companies will discount their packing services as an added bonus. If you are planning on doing the packing on your own, you may want to consider an off season move to ensure you get the best rate for moving services.

However, if you are planning to hire Raleigh packing companies and are looking for affordable packing services, summer may be when you get the best bang for your buck. If you do the math, you may be paying less for moving and packing services in the summer than you would for both during the off season.

If you are looking for affordable packing services from Raleigh packing services, give us a call at All My Sons Movers & Storage Raleigh. Our customizable moving and packing services will ensure you get the best rates for all your packing and moving needs.


One of the first steps to moving to a new home is to develop a moving budget so that you’re able to keep track of your spending without going too crazy. It becomes much more of a matter of importance when you don’t have much saved towards your relocation expenses. Although most people are under the impression that hiring South Raleigh movers is too expensive, finding an affordable packing company isn’t as difficult as one might think. Still, if the cost of moving services is a matter of concern, then you’ll be happy to know that you can save a ton of money on these 3 budget friendly packing supplies.

Cardboard Moving Boxes
Cardboard moving boxes are the most common packing product used for a move. They are easy to come by and an essential part of an organized move. Most of the time you can get them for free at any liquor or grocery store when they receive a shipment of new inventory. Otherwise, an affordable packing company in South Raleigh (All My Sons Moving & Storage) will be able to provide them when you book their packing services.

Packing Peanuts
Packing peanuts have a way of making moving fragile items easy and painless. Packing peanuts are used to fill in the empty space inside of moving boxes so that their contents aren’t damaged during the transportation process. You can find packing peanuts relatively cheap at any packing supply store. Also, consider asking your friends and neighbors who like to do online shopping to save their packing peanuts for your move.

Packaging Tape
Packaging tape is an important packing supply that professional Raleigh movers use daily. It fits into any moving budget and is especially useful for securing cardboard moving boxes. If you contact your local South Raleigh packing company, you should be able to purchase packaging tape with no problem.


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Employee relocation can be stressful and tricky for employees as well as employers. This process can feel rushed with a strict moving timeline. However, with the help of a professional packing service, your transition can seem smooth and stress-free. Having the proper packing supplies for a job relocation will ensure that you can get right back to work in no time. Learn how to properly pack your work items before your move below.

Just like any other move, it’s essential that you plan ahead for what packing supplies you will need to complete the move. If you are given your employee relocation with little notice, we want to provide you with the proper supplies you will need to get the job done quick. You will need to purchase all different sized boxes to accommodate your different household items as well as your office items and various electronics you will be taking. Gather packaging tape, scissors, labels, and bubble wrap before you begin to pack. Add extra wrapping paper to your more fragile items and make sure you individually pack them in their respective boxes.

With limited time, a professional corporate relocation company can get employee’s belongings packed, loaded, and delivered on time with maximum care. However, if you wish to make the move yourself, it’s important you dedicate all your time to properly packing your items to prevent any future damages.

Contact our Raleigh movers today to learn more about our corporate relocation moving services to guarantee a successful moving outcome for everyone involved!


When it comes time to packing up your room, you may be dreading the moment you must go through your cluttered closet. No matter the amount of clothes you own, it’s important to stay organized during the packing process. To help you complete this process in an efficient manner, our South Raleigh packing company has the perfect moving guide for the best way to pack a closet.

Organization is Key

We suggest that you start by taking everyone out of your closet and setting aside all your clothes and items in the hallway or on your bed. Go through your clothes and create two separate piles. The first pile is the clothes you will be keeping and the second pile will be the clothes you wish to discard or donate.

Now that you have sorted out your clothes, it’s time to pack up the remaining wardrobe items you wish to keep. Wardrobe boxes work great for transferring all your clothes and they are easy to use. These specialty boxes will help make your move quick and efficient. Moving tip: If you don’t want to purchase wardrobe boxes, garbage bags work miracles for packing your clothes. You can leave all clothes on the hangers and slip the garbage bag right over the clothes making a hole at the top for the hangers to poke through.

If you had extra items in your closet, store them in a separate box with the proper label on it. The best way to pack a closet requires preparation and organization and our South Raleigh packing company is here to help guide you through the packing process!