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Have you ever heard of anyone packing for a big move and were finished with everything only a few short hours later? It doesn’t happen, and for good reason. Relocating to a new home is a lot of work and requires a substantial amount of planning and preparation in order to be executed successfully. Most individuals prefer to hire our packing services in Raleigh, so they can remove themselves from the major hassles that come with moving. Some prefer to purchase their own packing products and get to work themselves. Both are viable options; however, time is a factor with any move, making a professional Raleigh, NC packing service a preferred choice. Still, there are ways to save time in a DIY move.

Go through your inventory and make a moving checklist, so that you know exactly what you want to move and where it all needs to go. Prioritize what is most important, when things need to be done and how much time each task will consume.

Enlist friends and family member to assist you with packing. The saying, “two heads are better than one” applies to the moving process as well. Whenever you contract professional packing services in Raleigh, expect to see more than one Raleigh mover show up to get the job done. There’s safety in numbers and the process goes a lot smoother when there are at least two people working in unison.

Buy quality packing products for the safe transport of your valuables. It may be tempting to look for free boxes and other cheap packing supplies, however sturdy, quality boxes are what you need to invest in. Using cheap boxes can result in heavy items falling through the bottom or boxes being torn in the truck. Avoid a moving accident by looking for packing products in Raleigh that are sure to protect your items throughout the move.

If you’re like millions of other Americans, you’re planning for Mother’s Day and trying to determine what to get that special woman in your life. This Mother’s Day, try sprucing things up by not focusing on what to give mom, but how to decorate it for added appeal. Check out these ideas from our moving professionals at All My Sons Raleigh Packing company.


  1. Chalkboard Style Packaging

By wrapping your gift in black craft paper, all that’s left is to obtain a white paint marker and let your creativity run wild. You can design funny pictures, write sweet notes or whatever else your heart desires.


  1. Paper and Lace Packaging


For the classy woman on Mother’s Day, give her a classy themed gift! Bind your surprise in an elegantly themed wrapping paper and secure it with lace. It’s a gift she will love before she even opens it.


  1. Scarf Wrapped Bottles


Didn’t have time to find packing products? Fear not. Grab a bottle of your mother’s favorite wine and wrap it in a brand-new scarf. Not only will this serve as a two-fold gift, but it’s uniquely packaged in a pleasing way.


  1. Cloth Packaging


Opt for cloth when figuring out what to wrap your gift in for Mother’s Day. Purchase some supplies from your Raleigh packing company and find a nicely patterned fabric to wrap your gift in. It’ll stand out much more than any plain old wrapping paper.


  1. Photo Packaging


Go in a different direction this year and print out a large family photo to be used in the place of your standard giftwrap. Select a photo your mother will love, visit your local copy store and ask them to print the photo on engineering print paper. Your mother will love the thoughtfulness that came with it.


There are fewer things more satisfying than moving into your new house and setting everything up to make it truly feel like home. Before using All My Sons’ packing services to unload your boxes, it’s a good idea to take the opportunity to do some cleaning while your new home is at its emptiest. Here are some guidelines from our All My Sons Raleigh, NC Movers for getting your new home cleaned and sanitized before you begin unpacking.


Give the Kitchen a Once Over

Put together a mixture of 1 parts baking soda, 2 parts water and scrub the appliances, tile backsplash and floors. Before putting your food and dishes in the kitchen, use this non-toxic method of cleaning to ensure that any germs and bacteria are killed.


Sweep the Floors

If your new home is carpeted, arrange for a carpet cleaning service to come and steam clean it before your Raleigh movers unload your boxes from the old home. Sweep and mop wood floors with a mild soap and water mixture to clear up any dust that may have settled in hidden places.


Investigate Your Walls for Stains

Take some time to check the walls for fingerprints, scuffs from furniture and other stains. The previous owners will have more than likely painted them already, but if they haven’t, you’ll want to mix a bucket of water and dish soap to wipe away any of the small stains you find.


Scrub the Bathroom

Fill a bucket with baking soda and water to rid the bathroom of any bacteria that may have grown since the previous owners left. Put on some gloves and grab a sponge, and scrub the toilet, tub, and everything else before using Raleigh movers and professional packing services to unload and set up your new home.

When packing on your own, you have to make sure that you have the proper packing supplies. By purchasing quality packing products in Raleigh, you’ll be able to pack more easily and be safe in knowing that your items will be packed securely during your trip. Nevertheless, purchasing packing supplies is not always the best money saving option for some. All My Sons likes for people to think about packing supplies as part of the moving process. When you hire a moving company, packing products and packing services in Raleigh should automatically come with it. If you cannot afford to purchase moving boxes, here are a few other options.

1. Check in with your Local Liquor Store

The boxes used for the transportation of liquor are small in size and made of sturdy cardboard. An almost exact match to the small moving book box used by professionals, you’ll be able to freely get your hands on them, as most liquor stores just throw them away.

2. Check in with your Grocery Store

Another store you should visit to ask for some boxes is your grocery store. The boxes used for the transportation of eggs and produce are often made of double-walled cardboard, giving you the perfect chance to easily transport your more fragile items. While you are there, make sure to ask if they have any egg cartons, as they can be used in various ways when packing.

3. Visit you local Newspaper Printing Company

There you’ll be able to find a ton of free old newspapers you can use in a variety of ways when packing, and even if they don’t have such available, they will be able to offer you blank newspaper paper in bulk for an extremely cheap price.

When moving to a new home, one of the most time-consuming and frustrating parts is doing the packing and preparing or the move itself. That’s why a lot of companies, including our Raleigh moving company All My Sons, offer full-service moving and packing services. By hiring professional movers and packers, you will rest assured that all of your items are properly packed and safely transported to your location. If you want to truly take full advantage of professional packing help, here are a few tips, as shared by the Raleigh movers and packers at All My Sons.

1. Declutter Your Home

Professional packing assistance will ensure that all of your items are properly packed. If you truly want to leave them doing their job without you having to break a sweat, you should declutter your home first and prepare it for the expert packers before they come. Decluttering is fast and easy, and you’ll make sure that the packers can do their job without any serious need of your assistance, allowing you to get the full advantage of hiring packing services.

2. Measure your larger appliances and furniture beforehand

By measuring the larger appliances in your home and your furniture, and sharing the information with the packers, you can be safe in knowing that they will do their job faster. Plus, Raleigh movers and packers will be able to better prepare for loading all your items into the moving truck. Also, make sure to turn off all appliances the day before the professional help comes and if possible, clean up your stove from any grease and your refrigerator as well.

It is very common for those who move to a new city and into a new home to take up new hobbies. It is even more common for those who are moving into their first home or a brand-new home to want to take up gardening to increase the curb appeal of their home. If you are moving to Raleigh and are looking to take up gardening as a new hobby, the local Raleigh movers at All My Sons share this first-time gardener guide.

1. Be familiar with what you are working with and choose wisely!

Make sure that you understand what you are working with. Soil is one of the most important factors in gardening, so you have to be aware of the different types of soil and the benefits they pose. Although soil is important, you must be extra careful in selecting the plants you wish to plant in your garden. Do ample research because some of the prettiest flowers are actually weeds that you do not want taking over your entire garden after moving to Raleigh.

2. Prepare a Layout

In order to achieve great results in gardening, you have to be organized and prepared. Be sure to select a good layout for your garden that makes the most sense with your backyard and landscape, as well as makes the most sense for the plants that you will be planting. A typical tip for first-time gardeners is to choose the location based off the amount of sunlight the plant(s) needs.

3. Be consistent

Gardening requires a certain level of dedication. Make sure that you do your research and stay consistent with your hobby. At the end of the day, the result will be extremely rewarding and you will love that you took up gardening after moving to Raleigh.

A lot of people don’t realize that there’s a difference between patio and porch awnings. If you are one of them, you should not be worried! Local Raleigh movers and packers at All My Sons share the three key differences between patio and porch awnings, so you know which you should get for your home.

1.It Depends Where You Live

The differences between a patio and porch awning often come down to where you live. In the north, both patio and porch awnings are used much the same way, while in the south, a porch can be defined as a Veranda. Ultimately, the main difference between a patio and a porch is that a porch can be multi-level, while a patio is even with the ground, which will then determine which type of awning you should get.
2. It’s All About the Awning

Now that you know the difference between a patio and a porch, it’s easy to see that it all comes down to how the awning is able to be set up. A porch awning can always be used on a patio, while a patio awning doesn’t always fit on a porch, depending on the size of the porch.
3. Disassembly and Storage

As mentioned above, one of the main differences between the two types of awnings is in the way they are set up. Whether retractable or not, patio and porch awnings often have to be disassembled in a different way. Raleigh movers and packers recommend that you store both of them during the winter season to preserve them when they are not needed.

It’s beginning to heat up, which can only mean one thing, it’s time for spring cleaning! It would be best to do your spring cleaning before moving to Chapel Hill because you’ll save money on moving costs. Here are some spring cleaning tips to ensure that you get the most out of your moving experience.

Schedule the Time

Spring cleaning is something we all say we are going to get to, eventually. Schedule a day to get it done and stick to your guns. Schedule more time than you think you’ll need because chances are, you’ll find more in that storage closet than you bargained for.

Get Some Packing Supplies

Before moving to Chapel Hill, you’re going to be packing, a lot. Purchasing packing supplies now is probably a good idea. All My Sons Moving & Storage Chapel Hill is a full service moving company, which means we have mover-approved packing supplies.

Combine good spring cleaning tips with moving tips and get yourself some good boxes for storage, donating, and moving!

Stick to the Rules

Spring cleaning tips always mention a cleaning rule, and we agree that a rule is important. Be sure to stick to a spring cleaning rule and refer to that rule as much as possible. Here are some spring cleaning rules that Chapel Hill movers are accustomed to:

  • If you haven’t used it in 6 months, donate it.
  • If it costs less than $20 to replace, donate it.
  • If you have more than one, donate it.


Donate before moving to Chapel Hill! Find your local charity shop and give back to the community. It feels good to give back, you’ll save money on moving costs, and you’ll also move to Chapel Hill lighter and ready to make new memories.

Have you been wanting to redecorate your child’s bedroom? When you’re relocating, especially when moving to South Raleigh, that is the perfect time to upgrade your child’s room to one that is a better fit for their age group. Whether you are transforming the room from a nursery to a toddler’s room, or a toddler room to one that suits an older kid, there are several creative ways to decorate a child’s room! When coming up with creative ways to decorate a child’s room, consider what they like as well as what will work for them in the upcoming years. Let’s face it, updating their room every year is far too much hassle to keep up with. Check out these ideas to make your child’s room fun for them and efficient for you:


  1. Add a pop of color to decorate your child’s room. Perhaps it is their favorite color or one that correlates to their favorite cartoon. Yellow and blue are currently very popular due to the high popularity of minions among young children.


  1. After moving to South Raleigh, you need to really evaluate the needs of your child’s room. When you decorate a child’s room, it is important to consider how much space they will need for playing or if they are older, will they need a desk to do homework on. Consider these factors and find furniture that suits their needs. For those requiring more floor space, make the floor the center of the room instead of the bed. Push the bed against the wall to give your child more play space.


  1. Consider putting up posters or other artistic pieces on the wall to give their room a more personalized feel. Children find comfort in rooms that have items they can relate to and/or enjoy.


Once you understand what your child needs, get creative with your ideas in order to find solutions for them. If your child needs a desk or a “work area,” make it fun by giving it a mini office look. Kids love replicating adults and feeling as if they are doing things their parents do. Use space to your advantage and create an “upstairs” look by creating a mini loft area in your child’s room. To decorate a child’s room with a loft-feel, build the bed above complete with a staircase and all. Leave the floor under the bed as a play room. Now you have a 2 in one room with plenty of space!

The last trip you make to the grocery store is always filled with uncertainty. A moving shopping list is something that’s difficult to master, and that’s why the Chapel Hill movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have made this list for you! We’re here to make moving to Chapel Hill as painless as possible.

Before moving to Chapel Hill, you’ll probably buy too many groceries or too little. When you write your shopping list, try and think of what you’ll need as soon as you arrive in Chapel Hill, and rather buy too little than too much.

  • Kitchen Items: paper towels, paper plates, plastic cups, plastic utensils and a can opener.
  • Cleaning Supplies: surface cleaner, scrubbing brush and cloth, broom and mop and trash bags.
  • Food: nonperishables, snacks, water, milk, bread, cheese and lunch meats/vegetables.

A lot of the items on this list can be purchased after moving to Chapel Hill. Keep this moving shopping list handy when you go to the local grocery store.


Toiletries can also be purchased after moving to Chapel Hill, though it might be best to buy everything on the list before you arrive so you aren’t inconvenienced by a trip to the store in the middle of your moving day.

  • Toilet paper
  • Shower curtain
  • Tooth paste
  • Soap, shampoo, conditioner
  • Plunger


You know those items that everyone forgets but are so important when you arrive in your new home; well they are probably on this list. Be sure to pick these up before moving to Chapel Hill.

  • Extension cord
  • Batteries
  • Aluminum foil
  • Light bulbs
  • Duct tape
  • Flashlight
  • Back up chargers for phones and laptops