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5 Common Packing Supplies Raleigh Movers Use Everyday

When it comes to moving, you must have the proper packing supplies to ensure a successful move. Once you know the number and the type of the belongings you are taking with you, you will be able to better assess the required packing materials that you should purchase. Our Raleigh movers share with you the 5 most common packing supplies we use every day to provide the best packing and moving experience possible.

Moving Boxes

Of course, no move is possible without boxes of multiple sizes. This is the most common packing supply needed for a move, and our Raleigh movers will use specialty boxes that are specifically designed for added protection to unique items.

Packaging Tape

How else will you secure your boxes shut without packaging tape? We suggest you look for a durable tape option when searching for supplies so that your boxes will stay safe in any condition. You will need plenty of heavy-duty tape, so you must stock up.

Wrapping Paper

Our Raleigh movers use plain wrapping paper to keep items well-cushioned and free from ink stains. We suggest you stay away from wrapping items in newspaper since it’s likely for the ink to transfer. Make sure you always have your belongings wrapped in either paper or bubble wrap for protection.

Sharpies and Labels

These packing supplies go hand in hand and you should always label each box with a permanent marker for easy access and recall.

Furniture Covers

We suggest you properly cover your furniture during the move to prevent dust and moisture from creeping in. Mattress bags and sofa covers are popular packing supplies that shouldn’t go unnoticed when moving to Raleigh.








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