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Hosting a Bonfire This Summer in Raleigh

As the summer months roll in, hosting a bonfire is an excellent way to gather friends and family and celebrate the evening. Here are some creative ways to make your bonfire the most memorable event this summer in Raleigh.

Send out s’more invitations. A cute way to spread the word that you want someone to attend your bonfire is send out invitations that are in a box with marshmallows, a Hershey’s chocolate bar, a match, and some graham crackers. It immediately gets your guests in the mood for a heartwarming gathering.

Use hay bales instead of tables. Place appetizers and snacks on hay bales that are covered with a tablecloth, and you have officially committed to your outdoors theme. Also, make sure to choose tablecloth patterns that are aligned with the theme this summer in Raleigh.

Create a s’mores bar. Set aside space for a station where people can line up and choose their favorite toppings in their graham cracker sandwiches.

Trail the way with scented pinecones. Make a path for the guests to find their way to the fire with path lined with scented pinecones this summer in Raleigh.

Provide bug repellent. At the foot of the entrance, you should place a jar nearby that contains individual packs of bug repellent. It is a considerate necessity for a successful summer bonfire.

Supply some glow paint. Provide face and body glow paint for the party, and watch how your guests light up (literally and metaphorically) in the night. Also, provide a jar of glow sticks to add to the festivities.

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