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Tips to Make Packing Fun for the Whole Family

If you are in the process of packing up your home to get ready for a big move, you can probably agree that it is a stressful time in your household not only for you, but for your children as well. The process seems never ending with having to pack all your items up the proper way. While there is a lot of work to be done, packing can also be fun when the whole family is involved, and your Raleigh Movers give you these tips on how the family can contribute and make packing a fun experience.

Include your children

Children love to contribute and feel like they are making a difference during the moving process. You can put your kids to work by having them help build the boxes that you will be using for all your items. This will of course lessen your workload and make your children feel valuable. You can turn building boxes into a friendly competition with your children to see who can build the most boxes. In the end, you will appreciate the outcome with lots of boxes built!

Delegate Responsibility

You can put your children in control of packing up their own rooms in terms of their clothes and other personal belongings. Have your kids embellish their cardboard boxes with personalized messages and other creative drawings so they know which boxes they will be responsible for during the unpacking process. Your children will have a blast expressing their creativity and you as the parent can start to tackle other rooms in the house.

Make a packing Playlist

Create a specific packing playlist that will keep the whole family motivated and enthusiastic during the process. An up-beat playlist can change the whole vibe in the house and foster productivity at the same time. Hopefully these tips from our Raleigh Movers help you make your next packing experience as fun as possible with the whole family!



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