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Moving to South Raleigh With Pets – Packing Products for Pet Parents

Moving for anyone can be extremely stressful, but moving with pets can be even harder. All pet parents can agree that their pets are a part of the family and it’s just as important to prepare them for a move as it is their children. It can be a lot harder for pets to adjust to a new environment than humans, so you want to make sure they feel comfortable during the moving process. Having the proper packing products for pets is crucial to a successful moving transition and our South Raleigh Movers shares with you the best packing supplies to consider.


You should purchase regular cardboard boxes to store your pet’s belongings and essentials in during the move. Make note of how large your pet food is because this can take up a lot of space. You should also purchase common supplies such as packaging tape, labels, and bubble wrap for the more fragile items. You may need a specialty box to store and protect a large dog crate. We recommend that you set aside an essentials box that include your pet’s favorite toys, enough food for a week, a bed, and medications for when you first arrive to your new home. It’s important to get your animals situated with their familiar toys in an unfamiliar setting.

It’s important to remember to update your pet’s microchip with your new address. A new environment can intimidate your pets and in the event of an emergency, someone can properly locate your animal and return him or her home safely. Moving with pets can be overwhelming, however preparation is key!


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