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Packing a Storage Unit in 3 Easy Steps

Packing can be stressful. Getting all your belongings from your current home transitioned to your new home takes a lot of time and effort. You may also have items in an old garage or storage shed that need to be left in one of our climate controlled storage units in Raleigh. Packing for a storage unit requires diligent planning and preparation. Our Raleigh movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to help with three easy steps to packing for your storage unit.

  1. Make a list of all your items.

First, it’s important to know exactly what you are packing. Make a detailed list of all the items that you are taking from your storage shed and putting into one of our storage units in Raleigh. This will help you later to remember what items are in storage and what aren’t.

  1. Label all your boxes.

Whether or not you utilize our customizable packing services, you want to make sure you label all your boxes on multiple sides, so you can easily identify where your items are stored. Take that list you made and write next to each item the name of the box that it is in. When you go back to your storage unit later to retrieve a specific item, you’ll know exactly where to look to save you time.

  1. Use Covers and tape to protect your items

If you are storing furniture or other specialty items, you’ll want to make sure you have covers for them. Place an old sheet on the floor of your storage unit before you move in your items. Then place your furniture (with the covers) on top. Your moving boxes should have some extra tape on the bottoms for those that are touching the ground to protect from any unexpected moisture seeping in.



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