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South Raleigh Moving Guide – Packing Your Closet the Right Way

When it comes time to packing up your room, you may be dreading the moment you must go through your cluttered closet. No matter the amount of clothes you own, it’s important to stay organized during the packing process. To help you complete this process in an efficient manner, our South Raleigh packing company has the perfect moving guide for the best way to pack a closet.

Organization is Key

We suggest that you start by taking everyone out of your closet and setting aside all your clothes and items in the hallway or on your bed. Go through your clothes and create two separate piles. The first pile is the clothes you will be keeping and the second pile will be the clothes you wish to discard or donate.

Now that you have sorted out your clothes, it’s time to pack up the remaining wardrobe items you wish to keep. Wardrobe boxes work great for transferring all your clothes and they are easy to use. These specialty boxes will help make your move quick and efficient. Moving tip: If you don’t want to purchase wardrobe boxes, garbage bags work miracles for packing your clothes. You can leave all clothes on the hangers and slip the garbage bag right over the clothes making a hole at the top for the hangers to poke through.

If you had extra items in your closet, store them in a separate box with the proper label on it. The best way to pack a closet requires preparation and organization and our South Raleigh packing company is here to help guide you through the packing process!


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