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Raleigh Considering Food Truck Additions

In what seems to be an end to all the discussion on food trucks, it seems that the Raleigh City Council is opening up to the idea of allowing food trucks–under a few conditions. Certain requirements will be in place for the food vendors. The Raleigh movers love the idea–what an easy way to grab a quick bite and support local vendors. Also, food trucks get the city’s residents outdoors again.

One of the large concerns is congestion. The City doesn’t want a bunch of mobile food courts clustering around popular business areas, which has become the case in other cities. With this in mind, one of the ordinances states that only one food truck is permitted within each half-acre radius.

While food trucks have become quite the rage throughout the country, it’s inevitable that they pull business away from established restaurants and shops in their respected cities. Due to this, the restaurant proprietors in Raleigh are against allowing food trucks–stating that it is unfair to the rent-paying restaurants. Regulations may be put into place that monitor how close the food trucks can be to restaurants, and also considering operating taxes to try to even out with the fees restaurants pay, such as property tax.

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