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Raleigh Garbage Collections to Resume

Nothing is better than spring time in Raleigh. The snow starts to melt, flowers begin to bloom, and your children have more time to play outside. This is also good news for your curb. As your Raleigh relocation providers are sure you have noticed, garbage collection has not been adhering to its schedule due to rough winter weather. This can be especially troublesome if you have just moved to town and have garbage piling up each day as you open more boxes. But there is good news: the city promises trash collections will go back to normal.

If trash has built up on your block, the city insists garbage collectors will complete their routes. So do not bring in those bins! Leave them curbside, because trucks will have irregular schedules until they are caught up. While this is frustrating, do not blame the garbage men. The recent heavy snowstorms brought more snow than we are used to, and ice built up on several roads. Crews were not able to operate those large trucks until conditions were safer. Now that garbage crews are back at it, Wake County has offered some of its workers to help speed the process along, because that is what neighbors are for, right?

If your family is new in town, do not let our recent garbage problem give you a bad impression! This winter was particularly icy, so trucks had a bit of trouble navigating the roads or getting out there at all. But Raleigh is a wonderful place to live and raise a family, so you made a great choice!

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