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StreetSafe Helping Young Raleigh Drivers

If you are planning on relocating to Raleigh with teenagers who are about to become new drivers, you can breathe a little bit easier knowing that there is a new program, StreetSafe, geared towards keeping the streets of North Carolina safe. StreetSafe teaches young, inexperienced drivers how to be safer and more responsible while driving on the roads.

A hands-on driving experience, the program encourages Raleigh parents to get involved with the teaching process of how to drive, while still keeping the roads a safe place. With an instructor, students in the program can experience what it feels like to lose control of a car, how to maintain a realistic stopping distance, potential dangers for drinking and driving, and clearly understand the dangers of texting while driving through teaching simulations. Since Raleigh moving companies aim and encourage driver safety, it is exciting to see such great safety initiatives being introduced in the city.

Local Raleigh law enforcement and fire personnel serve as the instructors for the students, while judges from North Carolina teach parents how to help their kids understand the importance of driving safely. Insurance executives from the area also teach the future new drivers some important requirements for teen insurance, and your local Raleigh movers are there throughout the entire process, to help you move into your new home with no added stress – that way, you can fully focus on helping your kids learn about safe driving.

The program has proven to be successful since its inception, as evidenced by statistics from the University of North Carolina’s Highway Safety Research Center, which revealed a substantial crash reduction in the North Carolina counties where StreetSafe offers monthly classes to Raleigh youth.

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