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Support Group for Unemployed Intellectuals

Memorial Presbyterian Church in Raleigh has taken on a secondary role–one offering comfort and friendship between unemployed adult professionals. The Tuesday morning group meets once a week, a group that has grown exponentially over the past few years. When it first formed in 2008, 5 members were a part of the group, and now, at least 65 people show up each week–and there are over 340 members listed.

Usually, members are drawn to the group after the initial positivity fades, around 6 months into unemployment. Sadly, the meetings are comprised of middle aged Americans who should be at their financial prime–and rather than earning bonuses and taking hard earned vacations, they are whittling away at their savings.

The Raleigh movers know that times are tough. If you need comfort or a group of people to relate to, we encourage you to branch out and attend a meeting at White Memorial Presbyterian Church of Raleigh.

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