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Unless you are from the research triangle area, Raleigh’s climate might take you by surprise when you first move to the area. It isn’t far enough north to experience harsh winters, and it’s not far enough south to experience harsh summers. Some might even say that it has the perfect balance. If you are moving […]

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Moving away to attend college is an incredible and memorable milestone in life. Being away from home for the first time can be scary and fun at the same time. There is so much freedom to do things you’ve never done and enjoy a city you’ve never lived in before, but it can often be […]

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Raleigh is located within what is known as the Research Triangle. The Research Triangle is the area between Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, where three large universities are located. In 1959, Research Triangle Park was built in-between the three cities. It is one of the largest research institutions in the world and it is what […]

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Raleigh, North Carolina is one of those places that you keep hearing about as one of the next up-and-coming places. It is located in the research triangle and has some of the best schools in the nation. It is no wonder why we keep hearing about people moving to Raleigh. With its net migration in […]

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