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Are you a renter looking to relocate? Then your local Raleigh movers want to help you better prepare for your move. While you shop for local Raleigh movers, be sure to keep this list of tips for renters in mind when hunting for your new home. 1. Rent is negotiable One of the most common […]

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Some of the best cities for retirees to live in the U.S. are actually college towns, a fact that most are surprised to learn. One such city is Raleigh, North Carolina, which is home to seven different colleges, including North Carolina State and Duke University (just a few miles away in Durham County). If you […]

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Reports indicate that on average, nearly 80 new residents move to Raleigh every day; that is not a typo, nearly 8o per day! The real estate market is booming and the city is coming alive with Raleigh residential movers buzzing through streets and unpacking trucks for new arrivals. US News analyzed 100 different cities across […]

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The demand for housing in Raleigh far outweighs the supply, and the effects are being noticed by Raleigh local movers and real estate agents. Some buyers have started mailing fliers to houses all over the city, and others have taken to message boards to post messages in hopes of finding a seller. It’s obvious that […]

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